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  Leiyla: Oh really, still playing WAR? What toons? Just as fun?
  Thamor: Almost 1 year when I last posted. Some of us still strong at
  Tyrean: Hey, not been on here for a while so thought would have a little look as normally on the fb page. It's pretty darn crazy to be fair, more people playing than when the game was live!
  Leiyla: How's WAR going, guys? :)
  Thamor: Late Happy 2017 to all. Return of Reckoning is the new year game.
  Hele: Thank you, Lei Lei.
  Leiyla: Belated Happy Birthday, Hele! :)
  Leiyla: Ah yes, that's a classic!
  Leiyla: Yes, he did long time ago, watched it :D
  Tivaala: ! oooh Leilei, did Tyr introduce you to this?!!_Japan
  Hele: If that one expires, 3K8ARwY or apDDpJN don't expire! (I think :D)
  Hele: Discord channel for all to use - :). Just need to Google Discord and download the application - seems a pretty good VoIP tool for free.
  Hele: If I get a bit of spare time I'll jump on!
  Tyrean: Hey guys hope all is well :) Me, Viper and Sel have been on Final Fantasy online a bit lately Hele
  Hele: Oh and Shards Online, if you lost hours to UO in your youth like I did :)
  Hele: Hmm, apart from Camelot Unchained, Chronicles of Elyrion looks interesting.
  Leiyla: Yes. Unoftunately I didn't see the match live as I was teaching some classes, but I sure hope she reaches the final in London :)
  Hele: Let's say it does, I'm sure you've leveling well, Lei! :). P.S. I caught Simona Halep winning this afternoon, people seem to think she's in the a chance! :)
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